"Totem" Surrealism art piece. A subjective look.

"Totem" Surrealism art piece. A subjective look.

Hello everyone,

  Today we will be taking a look at my latest artwork for sale called "Totem". Now at first glance, this 24" x 24" acrylic on canvas painting can strike up a few emotions. I know it has done so within myself and leads me to look deeper, within the imagery as well. Funny how we try to associate different concepts with what we are looking at and sometimes we don't always have resonance with the artwork itself. Art is a very subjective experience. Below I will share a few thoughts of what I was thinking when creating this piece.


  I first started with the idea of an egg. Egg representation can signify many things, but in this case, I wanted the egg to stand for this "big idea". Having this small owl on top of the egg gives off the impression that this idea is huge. Placing the egg within a cradled nest shows nurturing until the time (on the owl) is right for the idea to come about. I wanted to emphasize the concept of bringing down the idea from the heavens to reality with the rest of the painting. The desert-like ground shows thirst. Thirst for more. The crafty hand on the side beaming a light up, represents the call to the heavens to bring down that idea. The masked face within the eye is the universe responding with the force of the totem, cracking open the ground to release the water underneath. Therefore flowing with endless possibilities and nourishment needed for other big ideas to come forth.   


  I hope you can see this surreal piece differently. Both with your subjective view and now, after reading this blog, with different insights. Either or is correct and that's what makes art a language within itself. The ability to create, share, and express is how we connect with each other. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this art piece. 

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