"South of Nowhere" Surrealism art piece. An artist's prospective.

"South of Nowhere" Surrealism art piece. An artist's prospective.

Hey, what's up you guys,

  Today we will be talking about my latest artwork for sale called "South of Nowhere". This 24" x 36" acrylic on canvas can be taken to mean whatever you are feeling at the time you are viewing this painting. The idea that came to me when I decided to paint this piece was a variation of a few different concepts that when put together would make a whole new different art experience for the viewer. As we look further into this surreal painting together here are a few key takeaways that made this painting come to life.


  When looking at the whale, we take this to represent life's hardships. Whether that means financial, emotional, physical, or spiritual hardships. Life has a way of bringing stress and burden upon us all. The concept of having to pretend to be human sometimes and we are all just parading in other people's clothing. Switching between the masks. Dancing with one another. All while being controlled by uncertain circumstances. Someone or something with more authority than ourselves. As the time of the matter melts, we see the eyes shining and illuminating better days. Presenting a portal to "South of nowhere". Don't get caught by the gum on your way out, while searching for the parallel reality that exists. The endless possibility and the real truth that life is really what you make it and better days are to come.

Final Thoughts:

  Take this meaning as you see fit. I hope in some way this made sense and resonates with you. It was a hell of an experience to paint this surreal piece. The meaning of this artwork came towards the end when it was finally complete. Thereby enforcing the idea of trusting the process. There is a little piece of myself within this painting. It's been a pleasure.

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